Trends you should wear in February

The 2000s are BACK! All we can see in the new collections are hints to bold colours, printed blazers and leather jackets. Even though there were some style trends in the 2000s that definitly can’t come back, a few items would make all of our worlds much better. 

I haven’t written a trend article in a very long time. It made me quite nervous to be honest. I have a very different style, which I don’t show a lot on my Instagram page. If I think about it… The last time I posted a picture on my feed is about three weeks ago. Let’s start with this post first and then I will think about posting my own pictures online!


Dots everywhere…

Polkadots are everywhere! On suits, on skirts and even on trousers. I love polkadots, although you have to style them the right way. Girly polkadot skirts with a bright colored t-shirt/blouse make me think of the musical/movie ‘Hairspray’. The movie is great, but the styling is questionable for this era. But let’s talk about the trend; I love it. It’s fun and it makes me excited for spring and summer! I can’t wait to wear it.

Gotta love some plaid

Well Rachel Green (Queen of Style) wore it in the 2000s, so obviously the plaid print had to come back. I can – finally – wear some of the blouses I still got hanging in my closet. I had some patience and now I’m rewarded, so I obviously I will wear this. Wearing a black and white plaid blouse with denim mom-jeans, a big black belt and a purple t-shirt from the movie Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) will probably do the right thing.

In the mood for bright colors

I love wearing bright colors. Especially the colors red and pink. After spotting his trend on Pinterest and online, I obviously was down for it. The colors I wear actually represent the mood I’m feeling that day. That’s what I love about wearing colors. When I wear red, I feel so confident and flirty. But when I wear a bright color like pink, it makes me feel feminine. Every color makes me feel a different mood.

Printed suits

Imagine that you are wearing a nice fitted suit. One that fits you like a glove and makes you feel like a boss. Your own damn boss. Now imagine it with the most fun print you’ve ever seen… Printed suits are a total catch this February. It looks lovely and fun. And it has POCKETS! How great is that? It fits you amazing and you can fit all your important things into the suit. Sometimes things don’t have to be special. It can be easy.


Writing about subjects like these always helps me thinking about my dreams and achieving my goals. I not only love writing with my whole heart, but I’ve always felt like my true self when I write about style, not about fashion. There is a difference and I can completely feel it. therefore I will only be writing about style trends.

You will create your own style while reading my articles.


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