Life Update: Internship

A couple of weeks ago I’ve written an article about my internship. On my article I got a lot of positive reactions, which made me realize I have to write an article about this subject once in a while. Only when I have time of course. Which isn’t everyday, because I also have a personal life and a weekend job.¬†

I’m actually DOING something

My internship is going amazing. I love doing my job and I enjoy learning new things. Not everyday is the same, so that makes me a very happy person! I just can’t stand the idea of doing the same things everyday. But, to be honest, my first few weeks were very easy. I couldn’t do much, because there isn’t always a video to make or an article to write. My supervisor gave us a speech about how we always were at the office and that we can’t make up subjects while doing that. So I decided to go to a neighborhood in which I would make content while being there. It actually made me feel like I did something and it wasn’t much, but I did it all by myself!

Not even feeling guilty

Besides going to my internship, going to school, ¬†having a weekend job AND also having a personal life (boyfriend, friends), I also have a website which I don’t have time for everyday. Some days I don’t even have the inspiration to write about something. On Sunday I was full of inspiration and I’d written a few subjects down about which I wanted to write, but when I got home after work I couldn’t even write my first sentence down. I got so tired, but I wanted to write an article so bad, because I just love writing. But I can’t always have the inspiration or have the motivation to write an article and I’m not feeling guilty about that. Sometimes I have to think about my own needs and I’m definitely no feeling bad about it. So, I’m not going to post an article every week. I’m not going to post a picture on Instagram every. Not because I don’t like doing it, but because I can’t do EVERYTHING and more.


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