Over the last couple of months, I’ve been overthinking about my blog and about what I want to do for the rest of my life. And to be honest; I still have no idea. I’ve started talking to influencers and bloggers throughout social media and to friends who blog. This gave me a lot of motivation and I must say I really want to start this adventure as a blogger and/or influencer. But first I need to finish my study.

If you’ve been on my website before you should’ve noticed that there is only one article left; this one. That’s because I want a fresh start. I want to write about the things that I enjoy and interest me. Not just a simple article about good food. Don’t get me wrong; I love writing about healthy things, but just once in a while. I just want to write about the things that I love and what I would enjoy reading.

For a school project I had to start my own YouTube channel. At first I wanted to talk about lifestyle related things. But that didn’t really interest me, so I thought to myself; “I always tell myself I want to start blogging again, but I don’t know how… Let’s talk about that and ask bloggers about their blogs.” So that’s what I did. My first interview was with Chantal van Malssen (Capital Monday). She is a lifestyle blogger from the Netherlands. I asked her the question: “How do I become a successful blogger?” Her answer was simple: “You just have to do it. Do what you love and success will come,”.

That actually really inspired me, so I took a look at my blog and I realized I wasn’t happy with my content and with the pictures I posted on my Instagram. I didn’t post a lot of pictures of myself, because I didn’t like the quality of it. And that is such a cliché thing to say, but it is true. I really wanted some ‘outfit photo’s’, but I don’t really know people who will be okay to take pictures of me. Now I do, because I asked my best friend to take pictures of me and he actually enjoys it. And two weeks ago, I went to Delft with two of my friends and we took pictures of each other which turned out great too. You know, sometimes you just need to take the risk or say: “fuck it”. Because; “life is better when you don’t give a fuck,”. I followed this advice from my dear friend Sally.

So that being said; the upcoming weeks I will post a new article every Monday and I will post a lot more pictures on my Instagram. If you haven’t followed me yet, click here! My first video will be online tomorrow (6th of February). Click here to subscribe to my channel. (It will be in Dutch though, because of my school project).


  • Lovely read! I did the same thing some time ago (deleting all the posts and starting over) and I have to say that it really helped me and I‘ve enjoyed blogging so much more ever since, so I really hope that it‘ll be the case for you too!:) Can‘t wait to see what you‘ll come up with!

    xx, Valeria


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