Internship Update: The End is Near!

Internship Update: The End is Near!

The title already gives it away: The End is Near! There’s only two months left at my internship and after that I can finally do my last exam. For now I still have to make my portfolio ready and work the last couple of hours. Are you interested in how I’m doing now? Then read on!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. Being a 20-year-old having a weekend job, working full-time at my internship and STILL managing to have a personal life is exhausting! But, I’m still enjoying my busy life and I know when to take some time for myself. I just love that every day is not the same and when there is nothing to do, I still look for opportunities to write.

my last few weeks

While I’m writing this post, there are only a few weeks left of my internship. In June I will be graduated as an Editorial Assistant and in September I will start my new study in Journalism. These last few weeks will be very stressful and nerve wrecking. I have to make enough content for my portfolio, which I don’t really have right now. My internship finishes on the 3rd of may, which is in two months. I’m actually really excited for my final exam. I have to give a presentation about my internship and during my presentation, one of the teacher asks questions about what I did and how I did it.  It’s like an interview. It’s actually called a Criteria Based Interview. Right after the interview my teachers will immediately tell me if I passed that exam. In June I will receive a letter with my final result.


Yes, I do have a personal life

Even though I work 6 days a week (Two days as a cashier and four days as an intern) I still manage to have a personal life. My friends already graduated from this study, so they truly know how hard I have to work. When I have questions, they are always the ones who know the best answers when a teacher doesn’t respond to my e-mail. But our conversations aren’t always about school. We meet almost every month and we speak to each other everyday in a group chat. So I DO have a personal life. And that’s something I choose to do. I think it’s important to maintain contact and communication with friends and family, so that’s what I do on my day off!

That’s the internship update for now! Do you want to know more? You can email me:, or you can leave a comment!

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