How to be an early bird

After I’ve overslept for what seems like the millionth time, I thought it was time to do some research on how to become a morning person. I’m not a morning person, but there are some periods I get up easier in the morning. It depends on which time I fell asleep the night before. But most of the time I don’t fall asleep until around 0:30 AM. So if anyone else is also more like a night owl, than an early bird… You might find this article interesting! 

Let’s set something straight first. This is not a New Years Resolution. In my opinion, you have to start right away with something you want to so badly. Not on the first day of the New Year. This is just my opinion, if you love New Years Resolutions; YOU GO GIRL! But I’m not into it.


I get it. Working or going to school isn’t something you look forward to. You don’t know what will happen, so you’re definitely not excited to join your colleagues or classmates. But what if you try to plan your week? Little victory moments in between hours, so you’re actually excited to get out of bed. For example you can block out fifteen to twenty minutes in your agenda after studying (or working) for two hours, so you can get some candy at the grocery store or something else you like. Or plan activities with friends or with family throughout the week. Or if your friends and family aren’t available; plan some ‘me-time‘. It’s good to take care of yourself. It’s all about the little moments that count.


When your alarm goes off, open up your curtains. Your eyes will get used to the natural daylight and it’s good to get some vitamin D in your system. Some people even spend a little money on a daylight lamp. I haven’t heard of it before until I started this article. It should help with your biological clock in the winter. It has even been linked to reducing symptoms of depression by regulating your body’s chemicals. But if you can’t afford a lamp like this, you can also open up your windows for some fresh cold air.


You’ve probably heard this WAY too much, but it truly helps. And I know, sometimes you just want to watch that last episode of a good series you just started watching or you’re still shopping on the internet. But if you quit using your phone – or any other technology – 60 minutes before you’re going to sleep, it will truly help. If you don’t, your brains will have a hard time transitioning to ‘sleeping-mode’. But if you really need your phone near you, at least adjust your phone’s brightness to the most dim as possible.


I don’t particularly hate working out, but I also don’t love it. Imagine doing it in the morning. Even though it sounds like a complete nightmare you will feel more productive during the day. Besides that, if you want to stick to your New Years resolutions or your goals this year, it is much better to work out in the morning. When you work out in the evening after work or school, your energy will most likely be drained from all the hard work. Also, when you work out in de morning you’re inclined to eat healthy during the day.

I think that’s about it. I found a lot more, but it is way to much to put it in this article. Hopefully this will help you if you have a hard time to get up in the morning. I might make a follow-up article about this subject, but that may take some time.

Well let’s hope I’m going to sleep like a baby and wake up feeling like a champ.


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