How I styled pink mom-jeans

About two moths ago I bought amazing pink mom jeans from Bershka. I fell in love when i saw them online and I didn’t want to make the mistake of not buying it and regretting it. So, obviously, I bought them immediatly. Loved it then and loved it even more when I saw them in real life. This is the way I styled my PINK mom-jeans from Bershka.

In this picture you can see how lovely and sweet the jeans are. It’s a soft color of pink, but you definitely will make some heads turn in these jeans.

A close up picture of the fabric and the color of the jeans. I truly love the blouse on these pants. It makes it look kind of formal, but not too formal. The blouse is from H&M, but from an older collection.

I added some ankleboots, just to make it look a bit more edgy. These boots are from Van Haren, which is a Dutch Brand. But Dr. Martens would look amazing too!

It is not seen on the other pictures, but I did add some jewelry. I added a gold necklace from H&M and my Michael Kors watch.

As you can read; I’m not very experienced in writing about my style. This is something I’m working on right now. You can expect a lot more content the upcoming days. And I have something special to announce soon too…

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