First day at my internship

I’ve never been a person who will share every single bit in her life. But from now on, I will share some things I’m actually doing right now. For example; my internship and how I’m living to the moment of graduating. Which actually sounds far away, but I’ve noticed how fast a schoolyear can go by. It’s so crazy actually. I think this will be a good way to stay sane and not get stressed out by all the things I should’ve done, but realize I made a good decision by not doing it. 

I study journalism at an art school in Rotterdam. Today I started my study at GERSER Media which is based in Rotterdam. I work for their organisation ‘Like je Wijk’ (Like your neighborhood) for which I will be making lots of content.


Tuesday 28th of August

Today was kind of a milestone for me. I had to do my second year all over and I worked so hard to get into my last year and my internship. “After three years, the moment is finally here. Thank God”. This is what I said to my classmate the moment we walked into the office. I was nervous, but very proud of myself for making it happen this far. But the nerves were gone very soon, because I felt right at my place at this company. It’s all about showing the good things, because there are already  so many bad things happening in some neighborhoods. But not only that, it’s also showing you care about the people who live there. That you throw your shit away in the places where it’s supposed to be and helping each other when it’s necessary.

We started at 9 AM until 5 PM, but we didn’t actually do anything. I already started working on my portfolio and I wanted to do some research about some subjects about which I wanted to make content of. It wasn’t needed, but my supervisor actually liked my ideas, which felt absolutely great. It’s still the question if I can work on them, or if I will get a different job. I heard about some projects they are working on and I actually cannot wait to start and create content.

I feel TIRED

Right now it is 10 PM and even though we didn’t do much; I AM SO TIRED. Like I feel the bags under my eyes getting bigger with every few seconds. Which sounds dramatic, BUT: I told myself I will not be drinking more than two cups of coffee per day. And I actually want to completely stop drinking coffee, because I’ve read so many articles that said you will actually feel more active drinking water, than if you are drinking coffee. So let’s find out!


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