Do It Yourself: Cheap Facial Spa Night

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Well hello there summer, how you doin’? Finally I’ve got the time to relax and do absolutely nothing and I bet I’m not the only one who thinks that way. But in my case; I still have to work my ass off for school. Not that it’s hard, but I still have to find time to relax to the max. As a student I know the problem of not having enough money. So here is my version of a cheap facial spa night at home.

I’m not the person who loves to meditate. I know that it’s good for me, but I’m just not that ‘zen’ if you know what I mean. So that’s not what I’m going to include in this article. If you want some tips, or ideas on this subject; you can find lots of stuff on this Pinterest board.

Sugar face-scrub
Before I start my whole facial routine is, of course take my make-up off with my tea tree lotion (from Kruidvat, which you can also get at The Body Shop. Mine is cheaper though.) and then scrub my skin with a sugar scrub. I make it myself, because it is way cheaper than buying a scrub in store. Some are of course better, but I’m a student and I can’t afford beauty products. I think this is a good affordable solution, which is not only good for my skin, but also for my wallet. So, I make my sugar scrub with brown sugar and sunflower oil. I just mix them together. This scrub really helps to get rid of all the dead skin cells, which is good before a day of sunbathing. Your skin will “take in” sunlight better which will give your skin a tan faster and more flawless.

Honey facemask
Honey is so good for your skin AND hair. Mixing it with cinnamon makes it a powerful “cure” for your pimples and blackheads. My skin gets so soft and clear when I make myself a mask. So, all I do is mix honey and cinnamon together and put it all over my face. For 5 minutes I massage it very softly into my skin so that the honey and cinnamon can do their work properly. Honey is of course very sticky, so you should probably put it on your face near a sink. I let the mask sit for another 10 minutes. I don’t do it longer, because otherwise my skin will feel itchy. If your skin feels itchy  before those 10 minutes; use a q-tip. After 10 minutes I rinse of my face with lukewarm water and dab my face with a warm towel. (I just put warm water on a small area of my towel)

So this next step might not be the most “amazing” step of all, but it feels so damn good. We’re gonna steam!!! I just literally warm up water and add all of the water in a warmth resistance bowl or cooking pan in this case. I wait till it cools down a little and then I’ll put a towel over my head and steam for 10 minutes (breaks included). When I steam for longer then 30 seconds, it is very hard to breath.
Pro-tip: add Facial spray to your bowl, it smells so good! I’m not even sure if it helps for my skin, but it doesn’t do anything bad either.

Facial spray and night cream
To end this relaxing evening of taking care of your skin, spray some facial spray on your skin. I love facial sprays. My favorite is from Mario Badescu which I got at Urban Outfitters. I was just looking at the website of Mario Badescu to buy another one online, but the shipping is so expensive… So I guess I have to go to Urban Outfitters again.


Then for my last step: night cream. It doesn’t really matter which one you use, I just use this one from Nivea and it works for me. It hydrates my skin, but you can definitely feel it on your skin, because it’s very thick and a little oily, so I have to clean my face very properly. I’ve used better night cream samples from other brands, but as I’ve said before: I’m a student and I can’t afford proper beauty products.

I hope I could help you and I will post another blog post very soon. I’ve written over 10 blog posts, so; be ready!


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