Blog Life Lessons: How did I start?

I have always wondered how bigger bloggers started blogging. I have literally no idea, but you have to start somewhere. So I’m going to tell you how I (a small blogger from The Netherlands) started my blog and what I would’ve done better. Every month there will be a new article about blogging online.

Two years ago I started my blog on Blogspot. I really wanted to start writing on a professional level, because I was about to start my study as an editorial assistant student. I wanted to work on my portfolio. My articles weren’t good AT ALL. I have I to say I’m even a bit ashamed… So, this article right here is not even the whole article (thank god), but this is just an example of how it was at first. I didn’t post on a regular basis, but I had a lot of readers. Once I had like about 400 readers in a week. Which was a lot for me at the time. Now that blogging is not that popular I only get 100 readers a week. Which is like really sad, because in my opinion nothing is more fun than writing and reading.

This was my last article before I started on WordPress. WordPress started out as a school project, because we had lessons in blogging. When I first started using it, I wasn’t very happy. I had finally built a good working website and now my study wanted to teach me more and give me more information. It was too much information, so I started blogging on WordPress for a while and surprisingly I thought WordPress was better, because I had more options in templates and in editing my articles. Even today (two years later) I’m still learning more things about WordPress. I think that, that is important. It doesn’t have to be difficult to make it look good. But I guess sometimes things have to be a bit difficult to get something amazing.

Old website

When I just started blogging I had no idea what it actually was. I literally posted some pictures and a short text online. That was it. It all started small, but later on when I started to get more recognized on my social media (I had another Instagram page especially for my outfits and lifestyle) I realised I needed to write longer articles. My followers needed more information and I loved writing the ‘longer’ articles. I can’t find any examples of my older articles, so the picture above is what my website looked like when I quite that blog.

I didn’t really have a blog plan, which is reasonable because I was only 16 years old. So, of course you’re not thinking about becoming “big”. I think I had to do that different, but I can’t blame myself for that. I mean; it would’ve been easier right now, because it takes a lot of time, but you know… Better late than never.

Upcoming week I will post my blog plan on the blog. And I will make a blog plan template for you, so you can start your blogging adventure with some help!

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